Re: [Nautilus-list] Building 20001020102057 failed on Debian

Just so people don't get too bewildered and give up.... Nautilus *will*
build on Debian Woody just fine. If you're interested in removing all
your GNOME related -dev packages, I can give you a deb that will
"borgify" your system (well, not really) and let you build and refresh
nautilus using a very few commands. This is what I used to build, and it
went straight through without major issues. Some people have problems
with freetype though.


Grahame Bowland wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 03:43:30PM -0100, Stefan Rieken wrote:
> > I followed the instructions for building Nautilus on Debian, which can
> > be found on . I decided
> > to also use the prefix of /gnome. So first I set up some environment
> > variables accordingly, extracted ORBit, configure make make install.
> > Which was followed by oaf, then GConf. I exactly used the --with-prefix
> > stuff described in the Debian instructions.
> >
> > There was an oddity with GConf: it asked me to copy
> > /gnome/etc/gconf/1/path.example to /gnome/etc/gconf/1/path to set up
> > some reasonable defaults. So, I did.
> >
> > Then came gnome-vfs. It was unable to find the includes of GConf,
> > spitting messages like "gconf/gconf.h: not found". That was strange. The
> > Gconf includes were in /gnome/include/gconf/1/gconf/ . What is it with
> > this "1" thing with GConf? Half of GConf's binaries were named $name-1
> > instead of just $name, as well. Its etc directory used this /1/ thing
> > (see above) as well, as did its share dir (though it wasn't used), and
> > there was even a /gnome/lib/GConf/1/ dir which contained
> > libgconfbackend-xml.a , .la and .so . And all GConf libraries in
> > /gnome/lib also ended with -1[]. But I noticed that this was also
> > the case with my main system's install of GConf.
> >
> > Not knowing what was wrong with GConf and what was meant to be so, I
> > decided to copy /gnome/include/gconf/1/gconf/* to /gnome/include/gconf
> > so that I could go on with compiling. However, this time compilation
> > aborted with some undefined references to some basic GConf routines such
> > as (something like) gconf-init .
> Hi,
> I put that page up after I'd compiled Nautilus and obviously forgot a few
> things :) I had quite a few problems with gconf, as the Helix debs have
> dependencies on an old gconf and the programs I was compiling kept linking
> against the wrong one.
> Make sure you export the variables at the top of the page. If you still get
> the problem, I think you can "export GCONF_CONFIG=/gnome/bin/gconf-config".
> Basically, you need "/gnome/bin/gconf-config --cflags" and
> "/gnome/bin/gconf-config --libs" to be called at the right point. A couple of
> times I modified actual makefiles because I haven't spent time learning
> automake/autoconf - putting calls to the above programs in the CFLAGS and
> LIBS sections seemed to work.
> I'm not sure what the correct fix to this is. The configure script has been
> given a prefix for gconf and gconf-exec, I'm unsure why it doesn't figure it
> out.
> Cheers,
> Grahame
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