[Nautilus-list] Building 20001020102057 failed on Debian

Hello all,

I am experiencing problems trying to build yesterday's snapshot which is
numbered, well, see topic.

There is a message in the list archive (dated yesterday) about a fixed
build breakage. However, I am not sure if this has got anything to do
with my problem. Also, on Tinderbox, I notice that the builds that were
going on at the same time as my snapshot must have been made (this
number does mean 20 Okt 2000, 10h20 57 minutes, doesn't it?) were all
OK, as were all builds of yesterday, and even those of today.

So I get the impression that something goes wrong with me that doesn't
go wrong elsewhere.

This is what happened:

I followed the instructions for building Nautilus on Debian, which can
be found on http://gbowland.ucc.asn.au/nautilus-debian.html . I decided
to also use the prefix of /gnome. So first I set up some environment
variables accordingly, extracted ORBit, configure make make install.
Which was followed by oaf, then GConf. I exactly used the --with-prefix
stuff described in the Debian instructions.

There was an oddity with GConf: it asked me to copy
/gnome/etc/gconf/1/path.example to /gnome/etc/gconf/1/path to set up
some reasonable defaults. So, I did.

Then came gnome-vfs. It was unable to find the includes of GConf,
spitting messages like "gconf/gconf.h: not found". That was strange. The
Gconf includes were in /gnome/include/gconf/1/gconf/ . What is it with
this "1" thing with GConf? Half of GConf's binaries were named $name-1
instead of just $name, as well. Its etc directory used this /1/ thing
(see above) as well, as did its share dir (though it wasn't used), and
there was even a /gnome/lib/GConf/1/ dir which contained
libgconfbackend-xml.a , .la and .so . And all GConf libraries in
/gnome/lib also ended with -1[.so.foo]. But I noticed that this was also
the case with my main system's install of GConf.

Not knowing what was wrong with GConf and what was meant to be so, I
decided to copy /gnome/include/gconf/1/gconf/* to /gnome/include/gconf
so that I could go on with compiling. However, this time compilation
aborted with some undefined references to some basic GConf routines such
as (something like) gconf-init .

So I never got past compiling gnome-vfs, and I don't know really what
went wrong. I suspect that gnome-vfs may be ignoring my
--with-gconf-prefix etc. options, and using the gconf of my main system

As I have become very interested in seeing how Nautilus has already been
growing since PR1, I hope we can work this out so that I can build it
and get some experience with it.



[*] Also installed on my system are Debian-packaged Nautilus PR1 and
Evolution 0.5.1, so (I guess) that's why I have GConf installed on my
main system.

Further system information: Debian Potato w. Helix Code GNOME. Mozilla
M17 is installed, but not the development files. (The only place to get
a M17 debian package from nowadays is the galeon apt repository, and
they don't have the -dev packages. Getting the Woody Mozilla M18 debs
requires a complete upgrade to Woody (dependencies on the new glibc),
which would kick out Evolution in the process (dependencies on the old
glibc, I guess...))

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