Re: [Nautilus-list] Tree View

ty <tyronea_2000 yahoo com> writes:

> thanks for you input will.  here are my thoughts.
> 1. the tree view is be definition a navigation gui
> component.  including files in the tree view doesn't
> make any sense.  if it did, user testing would have
> told use so years ago.  and by your thoughts gui
> designers would have put tree views on both sides of
> the splitter :)
> 2. there is no or little value add to including files
> in the tree view other than cluttering the view.
> 3. we shouldn't confuse users the functionality of an
> already established component.

Hi Ty,

I'd like to make it user-configurable whether the tree view contains
folders only or both files and folders. I just filed bug 4497 to
represent that:

However, there are advantages to showing both files and folders:

1) Unlike many other file managers, Nautilus can display many kinds of
   files (text, images, html, etc) directly, so navigating to these
   locations makes sense.

2) Having files in there is convenient for drag and drop, if you want
   to for instance drag something from far away in the file hierarchy
   into your homedir.

I think this addresses your points 1 and 2 above, but I do think we
should make this configurable.



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