Re: [Nautilus-list] Nice music-view

Hi Ty,

     If you've been following it, you probably know that I had a volume
control in there, but I decided to take it out yesterday because it
didn't quite go with everything else.  It wouldn't be too hard to
resurrect it, but I need to get on to other things to complete my
obligations for our May 31 milestone.

     As a long-time Mac person, I always forget about the right click
menu.  I think we probably should have that, too.  I'll add post-May
tasks for both of your requests.  I was also planning to allow users to
optionally launch other players from the music view, but I'm waiting
until our mime-type configuration stuff gets a little further along,
since I want to use that to determine the possible players.  I would
also like to make it support a few more sound formats besides mp3, like
.wav for example.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

-- Andy

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