Re: [Nautilus-list] selection

John Sullivan <sullivan eazel com> writes:

> Hi Mathieu,
> What you are describing is very much on purpose. The third state, what you
> are calling "highlighted", is what is often called "prelighting". The idea
> is that active areas of the screen light up in a subtle way as you move the
> cursor over them, to indicate that they are active and that clicking will do
> something. It is a lightweight, transient sort of feedback. Real selection,
> such as you get with dragging a box around icons (or shift-clicking them, or
> just clicking them when the double-click-to-activate preference is set), is
> a more stable state that does not change based on mouse location.
> Many widgets behave this same way. For instance, GtkCheckButtons light up
> when you're moving over them, but are not "selected" until you click.

I am not too sure that is equivalent. The main difference is the 
presence of the pop-up menu... I really find the nautilus way 
disturbing and non-intuitive for me. Although I have found out 
not to trust my user experience in these matters, I remember 
very well how uneasy I felt when I discovered this.

One question: if I select some icons, are the other ones highlighted
when you pass above them ? If so, can you right click and get the 
coresponding context-menu without unselecting the rest ?


Mathieu Lacage, mathieu gnome org
212 rue de tolbiac, 75013 Paris, FRANCE

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