[Nautilus-list] No root-usable nautilus today ..

After a complete recompile of all necessary libs, nautilus don't
 want to start normal. It appears a warning about :

** CRITICAL **: file nautilus-file.c: line 1109 (nautilus_file_get_name): assertion `NAUTILUS_IS_FILE (file)' failed.

Nice, eh ? If I click Ok, nothing happens.

2.nd try; after iconifying and entering a location into the Locationbar nautilus jumps there,
 but if I'm changing into another dir, I'm getting the same warning & warnings-box.

As a normal user this doesn't happen; but there is another point :

 Why do I see all these nice broken orange pencils everyhwre in the dir-view ?

	kabalak->Fatih Demir.
	email->kabalak gmx net 

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