[Nautilus-list] selection


I should have written this mail a long time ago but 
could not find time to do so: last time I compiled nautilus,
(ages ago: 1 month or so) I noticed something with selection
which I find not very intuitive.

There are 2 ways to click/navigate: double-click and single-click.

The single-click mode proceeds as folows:
when you go over an icon, it gets highlighted to show
that it is selected. You can then right-click to get the context
The problem with this is that selection was usually represented
by some kind of reverse video and, for exemple, after you have
right cliked over an icon, the icon gets effectively the reverse 
video look. I find this rather disturbing because it seems to say:
there are 3 levels of selection: non-selected, highlighted and 

My feeling is that when you get over an icon, the icon should
be reversed-video instead of being highlighted. 
Or, to be more precise, being over an icon should give the same
graphic result as selecting icons with a rectangular lasso.

I don't know if what I describe is still the case but I consider
this as a bug.


PS: Darin: I have not reported anything to you on the tab widget
and I will not till I finish uni since I am getting more work
than I can manage for uni.

Mathieu Lacage, mathieu gnome org
212 rue de tolbiac, 75013 Paris, FRANCE

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