Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus copies of help tools

Darin Adler <darin eazel com> writes:

> > Is this a trick question? :-) Is there a problem with simply removing the
> > (sub)projects from Nautilus?
> > 
> > I would think that somebody would need to review change logs for the files,
> > to see if any local changes were made and not propagated to the "real"
> > projects. This could be a good chunk of work, which may be your cause
> > hesitation...
> The main issue for me is that Jonathan Blandford created these subprojects
> in Nautilus (in components/help/converters) and I don't know exactly why;
> there might be a good reason. So I am not sure that removing them is the
> right thing to do. So maybe I should be asking him instead of the list.

The reason was that no one had touched gnome-help browser in over a
year, and it was going to be deprecated anyway.  I don't know why it is
getting work now, as we clearly want to get rid of the old-helpbrowser
by the next release.  I guess it should be treated as the stable branch,
with fixes propagated up to 'HEAD' (in this case, the nautilus module).

> Also gnome-core would be yet another dependency for Nautilus, and as I
> understood it, things that are shared belong in gnome-libs not gnome-core.

Making Nautilus depend on gnome-core is silly (or rather, this should
not be the reason it depends on GNOME-core -- I don't know if nautilus
will ever have panel dependencies).  There should be one help browser in


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