[Nautilus-list] Zooming of Bonobo components

Hi guys,

This afternoon I wanted to implement zoomin
in the eog bonobo component and discovered a
little problem with this.

Currently, nautilus depends on (better: suggests)
eog which means that eog must not depend on
nautilus, of course.

So I looked at how zooming is done in Nautilus
and found out that Nautilus does a query_interface()
on Nautilus/Zoomable, so the component needs to
implement a Nautilus/Zoomable interface.

This means that we need to make eog conditionally
depend on Nautilus to do this ....

However, Bonobo also supports zooming via the
"set_zoom_factor" method of BonoboView. The
Nautilus/Zoomable thing just has a few more
methods, for instance it allows you to ask the
component for a minimum/maximum zoom factor etc.

So I think it's the best way to just use Bonobo's
"set_zoom_factor" for Embeddable's.

What do you think ?

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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