Re: [Nautilus-list] Preferences windows

Manuel Clos wrote:
> After looking at the screenshot I noticed that preferences is not using
> the standar
> preferences dialog of gnome, while I have seen you are following gnome
> style everywhere,
> why is this an exception?
> Thanks.
> Manuel Clos.

I assume you mean the gnome property widgets ?

There's at least 3 reasons I can think of:

1.  We are using GConf entirely.  We are not using gnome_config.  When i
looked at gnome properties, the sample code i looked at (gnome
preferences) used gnome_config.  Also, i think (but am not sure) the the
gnome-properties class was also using gnome_config directly.

2.  User levels.  We have a concept of user levels in Nautilus.  It
hasn't been cooked 100% yet, but we are actively doing work on it.  

3.  The nautilus preferences box is deliberately very simple.  There is
no apply or cancel buttons.  All changes are live.


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