[Nautilus-list] Help Functionality In Nautilus

Hello All:

Warning: I haven't looked around at all the eazel/nautilus/gnome-related sites for this answer, so please forgive me if this is an ignorant question. Please feel free to reply to joncallen hotmail com if replies would just clog the mailing list.

I was wondering how "Help" will be handled in Nautilus. Will it simply be man and info pages hooked up to a browser interface? Or, are people working on a Help system for beginner-intermediate users? I think a Help interface, with documentation written for the new user audience, would be useful.

Is there a documentation/help project somewhere that's working on this?

If Nautilus will be implemented "in a way that appeals to today's Linux users and to mere mortals" I think Help documentation geared towards beginners is essential.

Like I said, if there are sites/faqs/etc. that have all this info I'll be happy to read up on this stuff. Any comments/info is greatly appreciated!

-- Jon Allen
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