Re: [Nautilus-list] Repository changes coming soon

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Actually, if you change a file and then CVS thinks it got cvs deleted,
> I think cvs may just remove it from your working dir when you
> update. So don't blindly update if you have changes to libnautilus/
> that are not checked in. You should back that directory up somewhere
> first.
>  - Maciej

To be safe i did a test, this is what you get if you have a locally
modified file that has been removed (as in rm-ed)  from the repository:

cvs server: conflict: is modified but no longer in the

and if you have locally modified file that have been cvs removed (ie,
are in the Attic now):

M xxx

So in either case you wont lose your changes.

In the second case, you would have to manually move the changes to the
new location of the file.

But yes, its always a good idea to make backups of stuff


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