Re: [Muine] out-of-the-box muine on fedora core 5

OK, that's it probably then. I was assuming muine also uses
gstreamer-0.10. Guess i have to be patient a bit :)



On 3/27/06, Mike Rhodes <mike rhodes gmail com> wrote:
> On 27/03/06, Jeroen Zwartepoorte <jeroen zwartepoorte gmail com> wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > So muine is now available in Fedora's Extras. I have installed it
> > using yum. I also have the fluendo mp3 codec installed. Totem and also
> > Banshee play mp3s fine. But when i try to play an mp3 using muine it
> > complains that i don't have all the required plugins (i don't recall
> > the exact error text) installed. This is probably due to the specific
> > gstreamer pipeline muine uses?
> The latest release of Muine uses GStreamer 0.8, have you an mp3 plugin
> for GStreamer 0.8? The fluendo mp3 plugin is Gst 0.10 specific, both
> Totem and Banshee will be using Gst 0.10 (at least they do in Ubuntu
> Dapper).
> > Can this be fixed? (use playbin?)
> There is work on using Gst 0.10 in Muine's CVS, I believe, though I'm
> not sure what playback pipelines it uses.
> Mike.
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