Re: [Muine] [PATCH] position tracking via gstreamer (instead of GTimer)

On 3/22/06, Peter Johanson <latexer gentoo org> wrote:

> This should *hopefully* help resolve bugs #332921, and #319522. I'll be
> doing more testing here locally sometime this week, especially for bug
> #319522, which is more easily reproducable/testable.
> Thanks all, please report back your success/failures in responses here
> (for successes, i expect testing in the order of a day or two, not just
> 2 minutes, then a "yes, it works for me". Failures should be more
> immediately apparently. (: )

Well, I dunno if its a problem with muinescrobbler or this, but
forcing a high load on my machine still makes Muinescrobbler think
that the track has been skipped, which I think is the same problem as


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