[Muine] [PATCH] Display album-name in PlaylistWindow.cs

Hi all,

and again a small patch. It displays the album-name on the bottom of the
artist. Sorry for the indentation. Vim becomes crazy not sure how to fix

I want to suggest another GUI-reformation: whats about merging "Play
File" and "Play Album" into one interface. Should look like "Play Album"
but could be expanded. If it becomes expandede it should show the Tracks
of a album. I think this would be clearer and would less obfuscate the
user. What do you think?

Greets, Lars
name: Lars Strojny         web: http://strojny.net 
street: Yorckstrasse 22    blog: http://usrportage.de
city: D-71636 Ludwigsburg  mail/jabber: lars strojny net
f-print: 1FD5 D8EE D996 8E3E 1417  328A 240F 17EB 0263 AC07
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: config.h
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: config.log
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: config.status
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data/glade: Makefile
diff -ru muine-0.8.3/data/glade/PlaylistWindow.glade muine-0.8.3-lars/data/glade/PlaylistWindow.glade
--- muine-0.8.3/data/glade/PlaylistWindow.glade	2005-02-01 00:38:49.000000000 +0100
+++ muine-0.8.3-lars/data/glade/PlaylistWindow.glade	2005-05-24 11:43:41.000000000 +0200
@@ -449,6 +449,23 @@
+		    <widget class="GtkVBox" id="album_label_container">
+		      <property name="visible">True</property>
+		      <property name="homogeneous">False</property>
+		      <property name="spacing">0</property>
+		      <child>
+			<placeholder/>
+		      </child>
+		    </widget>
+		    <packing>
+		      <property name="padding">0</property>
+		      <property name="expand">False</property>
+		      <property name="fill">False</property>
+		    </packing>
+		  </child>
+         <child>
 		    <widget class="GtkLabel" id="time_label">
 		      <property name="visible">True</property>
 		      <property name="label" translatable="yes"></property>
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data/images: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data: muine-dbus.pc
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data: muine.desktop
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data: muine-plugin.pc
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data: muine.schemas
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data: org.gnome.Muine.service
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/data/ui: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/DBusLib: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/DBusLib: muine-dbus.dll
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/DBusLib: muine.snk
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/doc: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: intltool-extract
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: intltool-merge
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: intltool-update
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: db.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: db.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: .deps
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: gsequence.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: gsequence.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: .deps
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: id3-vfs.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: id3-vfs.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: libid3-vfs.la
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: .libs
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: mp3bitrate.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine/id3-vfs: mp3bitrate.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: libmuine.la
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: .libs
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: metadata.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: metadata.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: mm-keys.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: mm-keys.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: ogg-helper.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: ogg-helper.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: player-gst.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: player-gst.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: pointer-list-model.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: pointer-list-model.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: rb-cell-renderer-pixbuf.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: rb-cell-renderer-pixbuf.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: rb-ellipsizing-label.lo
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/libmuine: rb-ellipsizing-label.o
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: libtool
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/m4: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/PluginLib: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/PluginLib: muine-plugin.dll
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/PluginLib: muine.snk
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/plugins: DashboardPlugin.dll
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/plugins: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/plugins: TrayIcon.dll
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/po: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/po: Makefile.in
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/po: POTFILES
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/src: AmazonSearchService.cs
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/src: Defines.cs
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/src: Makefile
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/src: muine
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/src: muine.exe
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/src: muine.exe.config
diff -ru muine-0.8.3/src/PlaylistWindow.cs muine-0.8.3-lars/src/PlaylistWindow.cs
--- muine-0.8.3/src/PlaylistWindow.cs	2005-05-01 18:25:15.000000000 +0200
+++ muine-0.8.3-lars/src/PlaylistWindow.cs	2005-05-24 12:15:18.000000000 +0200
@@ -161,6 +161,7 @@
 		[Glade.Widget] private Container title_label_container  ;
 		[Glade.Widget] private Container artist_label_container ;
 		[Glade.Widget] private Container cover_image_container  ;
+      [Glade.Widget] private Container album_label_container  ;
 		// Widgets :: Images
 		[Glade.Widget] private Image toggle_play_image;
@@ -184,6 +185,7 @@
 		private CoverImage       cover_image ;
 		private EllipsizingLabel title_label ;
 		private EllipsizingLabel artist_label;
+      private EllipsizingLabel album_label;
 		// Widgets :: Playlist
 		[Glade.Widget] private Label    playlist_label          ;
@@ -884,6 +886,14 @@
 			artist_label.Visible    = true;
 			artist_label.Selectable = true;
 			artist_label_container.Add (artist_label);
+			artist_label.Selectable = true;
+         // Album
+         album_label = new EllipsizingLabel ();
+         album_label.Xalign = 0.0f;
+         album_label.Visible    = true;
+			album_label.Selectable = true;
+         album_label_container.Add (album_label);
 			// Cover Image
 			cover_image = new CoverImage ();
@@ -1115,6 +1125,10 @@
 					StringUtils.EscapeForPango (song.Title));
 				artist_label.Text = StringUtils.JoinHumanReadable (song.Artists);
+				album_label.Markup = String.Format (
+					"<i>{0}</i>",
+					StringUtils.EscapeForPango (song.Album));
 				if (player.Song != song || restart)
 					player.Song = song;
@@ -1127,8 +1141,9 @@
 				tooltips.SetTip (cover_image, null, null);
 				title_label.Markup = "";
 				artist_label.Text = "";
+            album_label.Text  = "";
 				time_label  .Text = "";
 				this.Title = string_program;
Only in muine-0.8.3-lars/: stamp-h1

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