Re: [Muine] Announcing MuineTagger 1.1.0 and SharpTagger 1.1.0

Sorry about that. It looks like a few functions I use are still only in CVS.

On 7/30/05, z <nostalgiafed gmail com > wrote:
i can't get it to compile.

TagSaver.cs(122) error CS0117: `Muine.PluginLib.IPlayer' does not contain a definition for `SyncSong'
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

i'm using muine 0.8.3 and mono

On 7/31/05, Brian Nickel <brian nickel gmail com > wrote:
Well, I didn't announce MuineTagger 1.0, but here's 1.1.

MuineTagger is a music tagging plugin with integrated drag-and-drop support and excessive features. (A little too many I guess, but I swear I'll cut back.)
MuineTagger lets you tag songs with its title, album, artist(s), performer(s), mood(s), disc number, track number, and comment; and tag whole albums with the album name, genre(s), disc count, year, and track cound and disc name for each disc.

SharpTagger, the backend to MuineTagger is a library built on TagLib capable of reading and writing many fields, quickly loading and saving tags, and easy to incorperate into any mono application. I tested it in Ruffle and it took less than 5 minutes to replace the original tagging backend.

MuineTagger is available at:
SharpTagger is available at:

Note: Because Vorbis Comments are is a less well-defined than ID3v2, I had to make up comment names and a method for listing multiple artists/performers. I currently use semi-colon separated fields like "Frou Frou; David Bowie". Since no method is supported in Muine, this will show up as the semi-colon separated text. Until something is figured out, I would only recommend tagging more than one artist in MP3 files.

Upcoming in the next releases, pending fixes to TagLib: Replay Gain!


P.S. I would like to move to an autogen/pkg-config system but have no clue how. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

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