Re: [Muine] More multiple artist smartness

I've been stuck without my computer for the last week so I can't fix
this (stuck in a car in the shop with no way of getting it home). I
thought we fixed it but it should be really easy. Make sure it's
actually using two fields for the artist and not just "Foo and Bar"
though. If it is actually one field, then I don't think there's a way
to fix that automatically because some bands (e.g. "Belle and
Sebastian") are named that way. Once ID3 editing gets implemented, the
problem of odd in-the-wild MP3s should be fixed.

Can someone file a Bugzilla report? I would but, like I said, I don't
have access to a computer with which to test this. Bugzilla needs to
be used more often, otherwise bugs get lost and forgetten.

-- Tamara

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