[Muine] Upgrade of dbus breaks Muine


I upgraded my dbus last night, causing the muine-dbus dll to compain
that it couldn't find the version of dbus-sharp it was compiled
against (it was looking for .22, my new version is .23 -- maybe this
check is too strict?).

Anyway, I then did a make uninstall. This doesn't remove muine-dbus
and muine-plugin from the gac; I had to use gacutil manually to remove
the two. Shouldn't the uninstall remove these?

The ./configure script doesn't notice an upgrade to dbus and doesn't
force a re-compile of muine-dbus (I did a simple ./configure && make
at first). I needed to do make clean to force the muine-dbus.dll
rebuild, which caught the dbus upgrade and fixed the requirement to
the correct version.

I'm not sure if the breakage of Muine was due to the way Mono works:
that you need the version of a gac assembly that the caller is
compiled against? Otherwise the requirements could be made less
strict, instead requiring _at least_ the compiled-against version?

In addition, is there some way of displaying a GUI message box saying
that the assemblies couldn't be found -- Muine dies silently if this
happens? It would help if finding what is going wrong quicker.

Anyway, I have a working muine back after a full clean, gacutil -u and
rebuild of muine, which is the main thing =)


"One should not aim at being possible to 
understand but at being impossible to
misunderstand." - Quintilian

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