[Muine] Re: GStreamer Relicensing

I dislike using the GPL-with-a-clause. I'm not convinced that is the
only way to legally play proprietary formats such as MP3. I emailed
RMS to ask for his opinion (besides his obvious choice of not using
non-free formats :-) but of course the guru is very busy.

I'm not saying I *wouldn't* work on a non-GPL'ed project (and
GPL-with-a-clause is no longer GPL), but I would try to find a better
licensing situation. LGPL may be a solution, but only if I can't find
another way.

I don't really understand how GStreamer license affects us. It doesn't
affect us that  Gtk+ is licensed under the LGPL so why should it
affect us that GStreamer is? I don't understand why "the plugin nature
of GStreamer" is a problem.

I have been thinking about (in the long-run) splitting off
"MusicManager" and "MusicPlayer" (names I just made up) from Muine
into separate apps which we could communicate over D-Bus and which
other music-playing apps, such as RB, could also use. I asked RMS if
licensing these two apps as LGPL would solve the issue.

Before making any licensing changes, I want to wait to see how the
GStreamer community is moving. We cannot relicense without consulting
*all* of the GStreamer developers from the past. It is a developers
right to choose the license that their work will be distributed under.


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