Re: [Muine] Info dialogs revisited

On Sun, 2004-04-11 at 00:58 +0200, Jorn Baayen wrote:

> Hi,
> I also did a proposal on information dialogs. It's here:
> (Obviously heavily inspired by Lars' mockups :) )
> Again, comments appreciated!

The first two images appear to be the same (song-info-1.png) - am I just
missing something, or did you just accidentally include the image twice?

Rather than showing either Artist, or Artists depending on the current
tags, I think (From a British convention point of view) that it would be
better if it were just always "Artist(s)". I'm not sure how well this
works in other languages though ...  Same would then go for the Genre
field (See later point). I also have a nagging feeling that the title
should be presented as plain text with a change button next to it [This
could then replace the text with an editable pre-populated text-box]. It
just seems more consistent that way. I also disagree with "album entry
will not be there when there is no album set". If it's not shown then
how would you set an album tag for an incorrectly ripped song?

Same comments as above about the title field. Also, rather than "Select
album cover" and "Remove album cover" I think it'd be better to just
have a "Change" button under the image which brings up a dialog. This
dialog should let you:

- Drag an image in
- Browse your filesystem for an image
- Request an attempt to auto-fetch the image

Long term, I'd also like a "browse the web for an image" which would
open up epiphany at some sensible start point (Say the amazon search for
the relevnat strings, or a google image search), and through epiphany
extensions allow you to click on an image and choose to use it for the
selected album cover , closing the browser when done. For bonus points
you could also embed epiphany through bonobo in part of the muine stuff
so it doesn't seem too confusing ;)

No comments ;)

Not sure why but I would have thought the buttons were more associative
if they were down the right hand side of the box, not below it, e.g.

+----------------+  +-----+
|                |  +-----+
|                |
|                |  +-----+
|                |  +-----+
|                |
|                |  +-----+
|                |  +-----+
|                |
|                |
|                |

Like in the Artist/performer dialog in fact ...

Also, can you drag a song into this window to add it to the album?

How come I can only choose one genre?  This should perhaps be presented
more like epiphany's add bookmark dialog, a list with check-boxes. We
can decide on a sensible default list, and allow people to add a new
genre via a "New" button.

Actually all you'd need to do would be to add tick-boxes in the list,
and add an "Add" button to the right of the text-box you have in the
mock-up and that would work for me!

Anyway, that's most of my thoughts in a big brain dump :)  Overall I
think it looks good though ...


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