Re: [mlview-list] UTF-8 handling

Hello Daniel,

I am sorry for my late answer. I was off from the internet for more than
a month. Now I am slowering catching up with several mega bytes of
emails :-) .

> I ran into this bug and want you to test it: when I open the attached
> file in mlview, the textnode containing a farsi string doesn't show its
> content. Just when I click on it, it can be edited. The text vanishes as
> soon as the field looses the focus.

First, I'd like to be sure we talk about the same think. What you call
"text node containing a farsi string" is the text node, child of
/accustom/users/user[0]/apps/app/properties/property[0] right ?

>From what I saw, xmllint gives the same output as mlview. I think that
the text node you are talking about is not a valid utf8 string. Maybe I
am wrong.


Dodji Seketeli <dodji seketeli org>

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