Re: [mlview-list] Web Update

Hey Scott !

> I've updated the site to replace the "foot" favicon with the woodpecker 
> and reorganized the Documentation page. Dodji, I ended up not creating a 
> submenu for the docs in the navigation. In the end, these pages will 
> probably be stand alone HTML converted from XML and, therefore, will not 
> need direct menu options. What do you think?

Man, I love the favicon ;) 
I have created an mlview gnome org--2005/mlview--web--0.1 tree version for the site.
I have star-merged your patch in there.
You can have a look at what it looks like at

It seems like you have removed (tla rm) the content of the docs/
directory in the archive (which is a good thing, it had to be removed
anyway). The problem is that the docs/user-man.php file does not exist.
Maybe you should tla add the docs/ dir, then tla add docs/user-man.php. 

Other than that, we have a rocketing website ;)

Oh, and for the documentations being stand alone, yup, you are right.
I'll push them there when the we have sorted out the docs/ directory

Thank you so much for your contribution.


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