[mlview-list] mlview development news

Hi all,

I have been working on providing key-bindings (read keyboard shortcuts)
to the MlView tree editing widget recently. The following key-bindings
have been coded:
'c' --> "add child element node"
'<' --> "add add next sibling element node"
'>' --> "add previous sibling element node"
't' --> "add child text node"

For the moment these bindings don't work if the "num lock" key is pressed
(yeah, bleeding edge features are not always as wet as we would like
them to be), this is a known bug.

The key parsing code is pretty generic and should be able to let us
define more complex key-bindings like 'ctrl-alt foo-bar'.

Furthermore, I have started to work on a new cell renderer widget (sorry for
those who don't know gtk+; if you don't understand something, just
ask) that could do elements/attributes name completion 'as you type'.

This new code is in the mlview--mainline--0.7 version (speaking in GNU
ARCH terms) and should be first released in the mlview 0.7.x development series.

We (Nicolas Centa and I) have done some bug fixes in the now stable mlview--mainline--0.6
code-line. The next release of the mlview--mainline--0.6 code-line will
be mlview 0.6.4 and will be stable.

So, in short, expect two releases (a stable and a development one)



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