Re: Summer of Code

On 5/2/06, tonic <ghatanothoa gmail com> wrote:
Hi there,

I am a student from New Zealand and I am looking to submit a project for
the Google Summer of Code program. I would be obliged if anybody who is
interested (particularly possible mentors ;) ) could take a look at my
project idea and give me feedback before I submit my project.

Also, I wouldn't at all mind getting involved anyway. I expect I'll have
to go start reading bug reports... :)

This all looks like compositor stuff, which is Søren's area of
expertise.  (I'm still stuck with nvidia cards, and furthermore my
machines aren't very stable at all with 3d graphics anyway).  Much of
your ideas look similar to Apple's Exposé feature.  Compiz (an
experimental window manager) has the feature as well, but I'm not sure
if Søren has added such a thing to metacity yet.  If not, porting it
from compiz might be a good way to start. (There is also expocity, a
non-accelerated add-on to metacity to try to do this, that never
really caught on)  I'm a little leery about removing panels and am not
sure if removing workspaces would work, BUT it definitely can't hurt
at all to experiment with different UI ideas, and some of your ideas
look like they could be cool.

Anyway, I've kept myself out of the pool of mentors because I'm
considering participating as a student (I just need to figure out
which task(s) to include in a proposal).  I wouldn't really be the
right person to mentor this particular task anyway, though.

I hope something I said helps.  Sorry I don't have any more useful
information than that.


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