Re: Resizing and crossing events

On 3/15/06, Soeren Sandmann <sandmann redhat com> wrote:
> Hi,
> For some reason Metacity no longer handles crossing events during resize
> and move. Does anybody know why, or mind if I put them back?

Yes, and yes.  This code was part of the problem that made keyboard
resizing unusable.  See bug 122670 and bug 124582, in particular,  My fixes didn't
totally remove the problem, but made the bugs quite rare as opposed to
only avoidable with great pain[1].  My ChangeLog entry on the
constraints_experiments branch for this change was:

2005-10-24  Elijah Newren  <newren gmail com>

        Fix keyboard resizing and bouncing weirdness with mouse movement,
        and cleanup the crap from the last patch.  We should now have bug
        #154670 fixed, and bug #124582 and bug #122670 should be much less
        severe.  Fixing will require removing the pointer warping,
        disabling doing both keyboard and mouse moving/resizing
        interchangeably, or something else even more drastic.

(#154670 was a typo; it was #154706 that I meant)

> Crossing events need to be handled since X sends them *instead* of motion
> events, so not handling them means ignoring a lot of mouse motion. See bug
> 93384.
> I think this should go into the stable branch as well. Patch attached.

I'm against this code returning unless we can first find a way to make
sure keyboard resizing doesn't break.  In addition to the
possibilities pointed out in [1], Matthias had a suggestion[2] that
should fix the rare occasional bug I saw after my patches and perhaps
allow your patch without breaking stuff too.  I looked at it briefly,
but never got time to go back to it.  See also bug 320108 about how
maybe we should rethink pointer warping in general -- it seems there's
probably a better way to handle things without these nasty UI

Hope that helps,


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