Re: wine's fullscreen code has no effect on metacity

"Havoc Pennington" <hp redhat com> wrote:

We used to have a "strict spec compliance"/"disable workarounds" mode in metacity and it was unusable unless you ran GTK/Qt apps exclusively, pretty much.

While my memory is too fuzzy to point to specific bugs, I'd be willing to bet that I added more than one little hack inspired by WINE, which used to be unaware of EWMH and perhaps a bit sketchier than Qt/GTK on the older ICCCM behaviors too.

Anyway, few WM bugs can be resolved by appeal to specifications alone...

Ok, let's appeal to the fact that Wine's fullscreen stuff works in KDE and
doesn't in GNOME :-) If you could point out what Wine is doing in wrong way
I'm all ears.

Also the fact that a window isn't resizeable means only that it's not supposed
to be resizeable by a user, still allowing to resize it programmatically.

In practice the geometry hints are widely treated as strict constraints honored for all configure requests from any source. Most WMs ignore them at least sometimes though, e.g. ignoring the size increments when maximizing is a common choice.

If nothing else, in modern desktops it's quite hard to tell which configure requests are user-originated and which are not.

That one is simple: if a request is being originated by a user interaction
it's a user's request and might be restricted; if it's a result of an API
call it's done programmatically and should be executed by all means.


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