Re: Nasty user mouse/keyboard move & resizing bugs from pointer warping

> We have four options, as far as I can tell:
>   (1) Decide that the approximate fix-ups are good enough (check out
>       the constraints_experiments branch if you want to play around with
>       it, but be warned that there are other important regressions and
>       bugs in that branch).
>   (2) Stop warping the pointer (possibly hide it and show a fake
>       pointer instead)

I wonder if the pointer needs to be moved at all. "Where did my mouse
go?!?" Otherwise I think a fake mouse pointer would be very nice
because it neatly solves the problem with the mouse having to be moved
back to its original position when the user aborts the mouse grab. A
bug needs to be filed about that.

>   (3) Find a way to warp the pointer in a way that doesn't generate
>       mouse events (i.e. not with XWarpPointer() as we currently do)

Maybe it is possible to:

1. Stop listening to MotionNotify
2. XWrapPointer()
3. Restart listening to MotionNotify.

So that the artificial MotionNotify events are not seen?

>   (4) Make keyboard and mouse moving/resizing orthogonal--after the
>       user move/resize operation has started (e.g. due to pressing
>       Alt+F7 or Alt+F8), allow either keyboard or mouse events to
>       trigger updates, but as soon as one kind of event has happened
>       ignore all events of the other kind (except maybe stuff to end
>       the grab_op, such as hitting the Escape key or clicking).

I think that sounds good too, but not as good as somehow getting rid
of XWrapPointer (or its bad events) altogether. And would it solve the
issue with shift+moving the mouse? Because surely the reason why
shift-moving windows with the mouse doesn't work can't be keyboard
events interfering?

mvh Björn

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