Simple heads up and a question or two

Thought I'd just throw out a little email to help orient people now
that everyone is on the list that I think will be, and to as a
question of my own...

Right now, we basically have three development prongs, soon to be four:
  - HEAD: which is still under freezes as we haven't yet branched
  - spiffifity: branch for playing around with X extensions like composite,
    damage, and fixes; Soeren's heading up this effort
  - constraints_experiments: some experiments in trying to implement
    constraints.c differently; I'm working on this, but it's not
    anywhere close to even compiling yet

Okay, so my quick question, mainly for Soeren and Havoc--we seem to be
getting more and more bugs related to Composite stuff, some with
patches (e.g. bug 310080, bug 309152, and bug 317593), others that are
just general requests (e.g. bug 150704 and bug 314331).  Do we want to
have any general rules for these, such as automatically asking
reporters to update their patches to apply against the spiffifity
branch, or closing out general requests/bug reports with a polite "the
compositor doesn't really work, but it's being fixed on the spiffifity


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