Re: Merging spif-2 branch

> I am in favor of the latter (multiple compositors or some kind of 
> compositor chaining, internal pluggable API, etc.) but Keith seemed 
> to think that was low priority.

I agree that ideally there needs to be a desktop cooperation regarding
the CM.  By the end of Jan. 06, I plan to release gscope v0.1 which is a
magnification composite manager (mcm) modeled after Keith Packard's
"diopter" found on  If Metacity has elegant hooks, then
I'm willing to consider reworking gscope to simplify.  I'm currently
struggling with the need for an OutputOnly window; however, I'm
experimenting with Keith's ShapeInput that he uses in diopter.

Magnification Minutes from The 01/05 FSG Accessibility Workshop.

My notes regarding magnification.

George Kraft IV
gk4 austin ibm com
IBM Senior Software Engineer
SWG Linux Accessibility Project

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