Re: Additional issues to address for the constraints_experiments branch?

Hi. I know it's a long time since constraints_experiments were
branched, but I just want to comment thing and ask some questions. In
constraints.c there are quite a lot of instances of inconsequent
variable initialisation:

For example, in meta_window_constrain() on line 285:

ConstraintPriority priority = PRIORITY_MINIMUM;

First, the variable declaration appears in the middle of the block and
is only valid in C99. Second, the variable is initialised on the same
line as it is declared. "Normal" Metacity-style seem to be more
something like:

ConstraintPriority priority;

At the beginning of the block. Don't get me wrong - I really love c99
because you can declare variables closer to where they are
initialised. I'm just curious.

I would also like to complain on L723 and L725, multiplication by zero ...??
And then the lines /* Yeah, I suck for doing implicit rounding -- sue
me */. But they aren't roundings, they are truncations aren't they?
And IMHO, it isn't that hard to add the (int) casts, then you wouldn't
need to suck and noone would have to sue. :)

mvh Björn

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