Re: meld for win32

Stephen Kennedy <stevek <at>> writes:

> > I love meld but I miss it when coding on win32.
> On the cvs head, I'm in the process of removing all libgnome/libgnomeui
> dependencies. That should help somewhat. I think gconf could be replaced
> by a stub quite easily on win32, so there's not too much of a barrier.
> > Anyway, I think meld for win32 would be a bit of fiddling. I don't know 
> > if I would ever actually do it. But assuming I did, would you be 
> > interested at all in incorporating a patch for win32 compatibility?
> I think a win32 port would be excellent and have been keeping it in mind
> while developing the last few versions. But...

I, too, would love to see meld on win32... Even more so now that my work
announced that we're switching from VSS to SVN and that they are still looking
for a good diff tool to standardize on. Some devs already use windiff, but IMHO
meld blows it away.

So, is it still a possibility that meld will one day run on win32?



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