Re: version control systems in meld

> An extra state, 'illegal' would be very helpful.

What is "illegal"? For instance files with duplicate ids?

> As I've mentioned before, Arch files may be both "Unknown" and 
> "Modified"; there are two sets of state,

Can you give an example of how this would arise? How can arch detect a
modification if it is not in the inventory?

> Inventory status (illegal, unknown, missing, source), (added/unadded)
> and
> Modification status (normal, newly added, removed, modified, conflict)
> However, the model you propose will probably work 95% of the time.

I don't think theres a problem in splitting the status into two fields
as arch does. Would that get us to 100%?

> In Arch, there's only one identifier, the revision name, and it's 
> associated with the entire tree (and changes each time you commit).  So 
> we can supply a tag, but not a version, and it's not the sort of thing 
> you'd want to display, anyhow.

OK, perhaps then the module has some constants which indicate that some
values of the stat result are always empty and the relevant tree column
can be hidden.

Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org> visual diff and merge

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