tigetstr() usage in init_xterm_support()


init_xterm_support() uses tigetstr() to retrieve the xterm mouse sequnce
from the terminfo database. Unfortunately, the prototype for tigetstr() is
missing which is fatal for 64-bit builds of MC as the compiler assumes that
tigetstr() returns int (32 bits) instead of pointer to char (64 bits). Now,
the obvious solution is to include term.h which holds the prototype for
tigetstr(), but unfortunately this doesn't work very well as term.h defines
a series of macros which pollute the namespace badly i.e. lines, buttons,
etc... I found no clean way to fix this by including term.h - it all ends up
in a mess. In my local source tree I solved the problem by including the
prototype for tigetstr() in main.c but I'd like to hear your opinions before
I commit this fix.


Pavel "The Prick" Tsekov

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