[bug #13729] ctrl- hotlist key won't work under tty<i>

Follow-up Comment #2, bug #13729 (project mc):

I found a partial solution:
Ctrl+4 (left ctrl key + "4" on main part of keyboard)
brings mc hotlist, IF running in KDE console.
Works with my Notebook Toshiba Satellite 3000-514
and this versions: SuSE-8.2/KDE-3.1.1/mc-4.6.0-336,
and also Debian-etch/KDE-3.5.1/mc-4.6.1-1.
If it works on other machines too: should be added to help files.

More satisfactory would be an additional keybinding
- I suppose ctrl+H - that works with german
keyboard layout outside of X, too.
Until now, outside of X I must use menu entry, 
have no keybinding for accessing the hotlist.
Only "add to hotlist" Ctrl-X H works.


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