Re: [patch] support xclipboard

On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 12:09:20PM +0200, vadim wrote:
> Patch for support XCLIPBOARD from mc.

> xclip can not insert into XCLIPBOARD under KDE.
try disabling klipper and/or playing with its options.

as an option, your code should be able to use PRIMARY instead of
CLIPBOARD - that should help with some klipper configurations and sounds
like a desirable option in general.

your code uses array(s) with variable dimensions, afaics - that's not
portable. if mc already uses alloca, that's the way to go. otherwise
only malloc or statically sized arrays are left.

keep whitespace changes out of your patches.

ps: pavel, maybe just run
  perl -pi -e 's,[ \t]+$,,' `find -type f`
over the repo and commit it.

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