XML extfs

Hi, guys!

I'm yet another mc fan :)
Let me contribute XML extfs to stop all those FAR superiority 
discussions :). Let me start with a brief announce.

* Requirements
Extfs module is implemented in PERL and requires PERL XML::Simple 
module, that is not included in the std distribution. This module (as 
any other) could be installed with a single command
perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Simple'

* Features
XML Extfs provides consistent read-only XML exploration features:
- Listing of XML document. Attribute values and text content are 
included in the listing as part of names (eg: 'attr-name: value' or 
'.text: text-value')
- Copyout of attr values, text values and elements. Elements are 
copied-out pretty-printed, in 'source' or 'no-attr' forms.

* Bugs and limitations
# - XML elements may be heavily reformatted on copyout
# - Datetimes are not supported, so are file sizes for elements
# - '/' sign in attribute values is unconditionally translated to '-'
# - Low file size limit

Please, let me know what do you think of this?

Peter A. Kerzum

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