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> Von: Oswald Buddenhagen
> An: mc-devel gnome org
> Betreff: bugs, patches, stuff
> Datum: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 20:02:58 +0100
> hello,
> this is my personal wishlist of *really simple* things to do:
> - finally commit my patch at
> - deal with
> - confirm
>   according to my comment #5.
> there a lot of other quickly solvable tasks open, i just happen to have
> no personal interest in them. ;)
> provided *anybody* of the people with commit access still cares for the
> future of mc, you should *really* show *some* development, be it by
> committing patches (and polishing them *yourself* to meet your draconian
> requirements on quality, instead of ensuring that nobody will ever
> repeat the mistake of submitting a patch) or just making sure no reports
> are "dangling" in an indefinite state for a longer time. otherwise you
> can arrange a funeral for the project ...

I plan to change the current state of affairs now that I have cvs access. In
fact I am scanning the list archives for all kind of bug fixes and
improvements so posts like this one are much appreciated. Pavel Shirshov is
also back again and spending time on MC.

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