Is it possible? %cd %var{VAR:value} or %cd $VAR

Hi !

I'm trying to make .URL extension processing. The idea is quite simple:
- create text file "file.url" with single line content (smth like: "/#ftp://user ftp site org"),
- make .url extension processing for automatically jump into URL-specified location.

But unfortunately %cd does not work as I expected.
Following commands do not work:
 Open=URL=`cat %p`; %cd $URL 
 Open=URL="/#ftp://user ftp site org"; %cd $URL 
 Open=URL="/#ftp://user ftp site org"; %cd %var{URL:/tmp} 
AFAIK %cd command does not allow to use any variables at all. Am I right?
Is there any other way to jump from file into remote ftp site?
I see one brutal way: add smth like %_ variable (which would means NOT 
file_name (as in case %p) BUT file_name's contents.

Any ideas or advices ?


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