Wish of MC for hostname


I like Midnight Commander very much. But I've observed some strange feature of MC.
I'm using MC 4.6.1 at FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE.
I have one NIC (3Com) in computer. Interface's name is xl0. When 'xl0' is not alias of local host MC query DNS server for A-records in the following order and manner:
- xl0.<domain-name of local hostname>
- xl0.
- xl0.<domain-name of local hostname>
- xl0.
- XL0.<domain-name of local hostname>
- XL0.
I tested it many times. MC does it before showing it's interface. In some cases there may be large intervals between these requests. MC doesn't show work panels until it makes all the queries. During time when MC requests DNS server top(1) shows that state of process 'mc' is 'kqread'.
If 'xl0' is alias of local host MC runs normally and makes no any queries.
So it seems that MC wants network interface's name to be local host name.

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