[patch #4492] Patch, allowing to set port to connect for "FIle transfer over SHell filesystem"

Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4492 (project mc):

There's more:

Please do not use the FISH_FLAGS to pass the port. It interferes with the
other flags. Just use it to indicate a port has been specified and pass that
port in a *separate* variable.

FISH_DEFAULT_PORT is different for ssh (22) and rsh (514). Even though rsh is
probably not used that much any more you should catch that case.

The dynamic allocation of the string representing the port doesn't make much
sense if it's of a fixed size. Just use a char[6] in that case.
vfs_split_url() assures the returned port is within the accept range so you
shouldn't have to worry about a buffer overflow.

And you don't have to set SUP.port to FISH_DEFAULT_PORT if FISH_FLAG_PORT is
not set. Just use 0 as vfs_split_url() also assures an assigned port is
larger than 0. This also makes it unnecessary to distinguish between ssh and

Also I think it makes no sense to pass a default_port to vfs_split_url() as
one can't know the default_port in before a distinction between rsh and ssh
has been made. Unless you move the strncmp for "rsh:" to just before this
call, but as I said in the last paragraph it's probably just as easy to leave
it to 0.


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