Re: [patch] improvements to the internal viewer

Roland Illig wrote:
* the F2 key does not switch between the text/hex
  sections in hexedit mode, but switches back to view
  mode. It is now a simple toggle, as the others.

I just committed this.

* provide functions for translating file offsets into
  line/column pairs and vice versa.
* display line/column in the status line.
* switching to wrap mode does not load the whole file
  into memory when using the growing buffer.
* provide a consistent set of cursor movement functions
* view_moveto_bol() and view_moveto_eol() work in text mode,

I have just commited the variable renamings that had been included in the patch. Now the patch only contains the real code changes, and should be easier to read.

The patch works great for me and fixes many inconsistencies in the old cursor movement code. If noone objects, I will commit it in some days.


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