Re: link in bug status mails

On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 12:17:14AM +0200, Thomas Zajic wrote:
> >funny thing this "savannah-zilla":
> >> <>
> >but it is immediately redirected to https://
> >
> Works fine here, no redirection to https:// ...

> when you logged into Savannah, did you select "Stay in SSL mode after
> login" (IIRC this is enabled by default)?
hmm, indeed, this might be it. funny effect, sorta unexpected, but it
makes sense when you think about it.

> >also, i find it inconvenient that the link is enclosed in <>,
> Works fine with both mutt/urlview and Thunderbird, didn't try anything
> else. ;-)
never got to finding out what this urlview is, but it must be cool. :)

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