Hey folks,

Just a heads-up.

I fetched mc-4.6.0-2005-05-10-17.diff.bz2 in the hopes of getting a
current mc which would to an ftpfs "reget" for me.  I haven't been able to
do that since I can't remember when.  It's still appending (hence
destroying) the local partial file, so no joy there.

Also, when run as a normal user the program in general seems to work fine,
(and I like the current feature set [especially noted the reversion to
opening the alternate pane in the current highlighted directory via Alt-o,
which I've missed for quite some time!]) but when invoked as root, mc
pukes before even displaying the first bit of itself.  An strace shows it
then keeps opening to read /etc/group before dying.

I'm glad development continues for mc.

Any chance once it gets everything working the way it's supposed to in the
current form, that a particular (major?) feature could be added?  Namely,
I'd like to have the alternate pane "follow" the highlighted file in the
active pane.  Say you've got the active pane set for sorting by name and
the alternate pane set for sorting by date.  The feature I'd like would be
to highlight any file in the active pane and have the same file appear in
the center of the alternate pane (and perhaps highlighted as well).  This
would greatly aid in cleaning up directories.  One could then easily
browse the directory by name and also see all other files, regardless of
name, which have the same or very close timestamps, thus possibly being
associates, without having to resort to tabbing over and doing an Alt-s
to find the alternate grouping.  Hope that makes sense...


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