Re: Debian Bug#308296: mc segfaults on charset encoding change

Ludovic Drolez wrote:
Roland Illig wrote:
Stefano Melchior wrote:
-    count = iconv (cd, &ibuf, &ibuflen, (char **)&obuf, &obuflen);
+    obufptr = obuf;
+    count = iconv (cd, &ibuf, &ibuflen, (char **)&obufptr, &obuflen);

This code has never been in the CVS archive of the Midnight Commander.
(At least not the (char **) cast.)

It has been correct since CVS revision 1.1 of that file.

Please check where you got that code from.

It comes from

That's the official release site of mc, so it's ok.

Where should we download mc 4.6.1pre3 from ? (or pre4)

Sorry, but I cannot find any of the lines from the patch in that archive.


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