Re: [PATCH] space on prompt bugfix

Jindrich Novy wrote:

IMHO, patch1 is better way. Else "end user" can decide "the space key is not working" ...

Yes, the spacebar won't be working for leading spaces. However, typing
the leading spaces in the command prompt IMHO doesn't make too much
sense to me so maybe after patch2 is applied we may use the spacebar as
an equivalent of "Ins" for selecting files/dirs as usual in other
filemanagers when nothing is actually typed in the command prompt.

That is a slight advantage of the second patch so please let me know if
you like/dislike the idea so that I can do another patch for this or
simply be happy with the patch1.

Intuitively, the MC can be perceived as a screen extension to shell (which became possible due to ncurses/slang lib and Ctr/Fn/Alt/Meta keyboard features). Therefore, MC`s cmdline should be closer to a shell command line, rather than a screen application input field. Currently, we have only one printable character -- Tab -- which behaves unser MC and a shell differently (and it is reasonable). But don`t add space to this list! There are a lot of keyboard buttons, modifier keys etc. to do things easy -- let MC cmdline be a "true command line".

		Dmitry Butskoj <dmitry butskoj name>
		Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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