Re: [PATCH] Re: mcedit stackdumps on exit

Hello Pavel,

I might need to get enlightened on how the double free actually takes
place. I can't reproduce the warning or crash you describe (FC1, still
:) ). I haven't quite grasped the code path. If I understand your
explanation correctly the first free takes place in clean_dir() and the
second in mc_maybe_editor_or_viewer(). But after the free in clean_dir()
fname gets assigned 0 so I don't quite see how the g_free(path) could
cause a double free condition. But as I said, I don't fully grasp the
code path yet.

Anyway, the cleanup you did seems sensible anyway, so let's discuss the
patch regardless of my understanding of the alleged double free ;) .

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 15:29, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> 1) Exports the global variable `edit_one_file'.

What about the other static variables in main.c? Is there any sense in
using static global variables at all?

> 2) The code initializing a dummy `dir_list' entry in setup_dummy_mc() is
>    removed.
>    The argument to setup_dummy_mc() is removed since it is no longer used.
> 3) mc_maybe_editor_or_viewer() is rearranged to reflect the changes to
>    setup_dummy_mc().
> 3) expand_format() is changed so that it will use the `filename' member of
>    WEdit if the MC is started as `mcedit'. `mc_get_current_wd' will be
>    used to determine the current directory `mcedit' mode instead of
>    `panel->cwd'. Finally the code just eats  the `u' and `t' format
>    specifiers when in `mcedit' mode.

Just a few remarks/questions:

- In the second hunk for src/user.c you test for panel, but that test
seems redundant as in the previous else for edit_one_file != NULL you
assign panel. Shouldn't you skip the test for panel and get the
assignment of fname inside brackets?

- Is the test in the fifth hunk of src/user.c correct? Not totally
grasping that code, but as you test for (!panel) in the 6th hunk (fall
through) I was wondering if the test there shouldn't read (panel &&

mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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