Re: New Maintainer for MC Project


Quoting Fudoki Wilkinson <fudoki wilkinson gmail com>:

> This message was not answered by Pavel until until 6 June, after the offer
> of help had been withdrawn.

Still, you didn't have my endorsement that you claimed you had.
"Go ahead" meant "post whatever you want to the list", not "take over the

Also, you don't have my permission to post my private correspondence to public
mailing lists.  I regret I spent so much time on you.

> >>Any suggestions, "inside information", or advice you could offer will be
> >>appreciated and will be kept confidential.  Open Source does not mean we
> >>cannot have a personal conversation about something we are both
> >>interested in seeing succeed!

The above are your words from a private message you sent to me.

>From now on, I'm not going to discuss anything with you, in private or in

Pavel Roskin

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