Re: New Maintainer for MC Project


Sorry, I should have answered this long ago.

On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 05:58 -0700, Fudoki wrote:
>  Greetings All!
>    My name is Terry Wilkinson and I am on the Docs
> Team and also am the Public Relations Coordinator for
> the Krusader File Manager Project
> (  Our Team
> has been watching this list closely because most of us
> are regular MC users.  I have also been talking to our
> leadership, and to Pavel Roskin, about offering to
> become the new Maintainer of the Midnight Commander
> Project, and Pavel has encouraged me to do so.

This is not true.  In fact, it tried to discourage you from attempts to
take over the existing project.

That's what I wrote you:

"Fresh start needs developers.  If you have developers, you don't need
to talk to me.  Just start coding and show me your existing code if you
want me in your team."

>From another message:

"By the way, I think the new project shouldn't be called "Midnight

Either you misunderstood me or you are misrepresenting my words.  In
either case, I don't think you should take over the existing project.
If you want mc developers to join your project, show what you can offer

Pavel Roskin

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