Re: [PATCH]: exit_subshell(): Cleanup only if required.

Hello Pavel,

Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 2:30:48 PM, you wrote:

PT> Hello,

PT> The patch fixes an issue with exit_subshell() cleaning up
PT> internal variables even when it should not.

PT> To reproduce:

PT> 1) Start MC with subshell support and bash as the subshell

PT> 2) Press `Ctrl + O'

PT> 3) Press `Tab'

PT> 4) Press `Ctrl + O'

PT> 5) Press `F10' and select `Yes'

PT> 6) MC will warn you that the subshell is active - select `No'

PT> 7) Press `Ctrl + O'

PT> 8) Type something in the subshell or just press `Ctrl + O'

PT> Changelog:

PT> 2005-06-07  Pavel Tsekov <ptsekov gmx net>

PT> 	* subshell.c (exit_subshell): Do not blindly perform cleanup.

PT> P.S. Please, apply to both HEAD and 4.6.1.

Commit. Thx a lot!

Best regards,
 Pavel                            mailto:me pavelsh pp ru

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