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Part 2 of 3

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Date: Jun 4, 2005 3:22 PM
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Our Leadership asked me to be the Project Manager for the MC Project, should the Developers of MC so choose, because I am NOT a C programmer (even though I know and have used, taught, and developed applications in 14 other programming languages) so I will [not
necessarily do a lot of ] the [development] my[self].  That will be up to the MC Developers and the Leadership of the Krusader Project, who are advanced, expert, C Programmers with some pretty incredible credentials (they are the Lead Programmers for Zend, the makers of the PHP language, for example).  Our research indicated that the Maintainer being saddled with programming duties had actually not been helpful in the MC Project.  Pavel confirmed this in our conversations.  I have been asked to help set reasonable and attainable goals and use my skills to help the Developers meet those goals.

Because of my extensive technology management experience, Project Management experience, product design experience, interface design research and coding experience, and a comprehensive understanding of the International software market, together with the fact that I am semi-retired and have the time to be available, our Leadership felt that I would be best able to work with the MC Development Team to make sure their needs were met and to act as a liaison between the MC Project and the Krusader Project, scheduling and deploying the support personnel to make sure both Development Teams have the resources they need in a timely manner.

In other words, I'm an old guy who knows how to do all the different jobs and appreciates how hard it is for developers to do a good job when they are being annoyed by all kinds of other problems and pressures.  I can make those problems go away.

I can also guarantee that the MC Team, should they accept our offer, will be able to enjoy the excellent, fun, production environment that the Krew calls "home".

> I feel the midnight
>commander is very much it's own project, and I don't feel very
>comfortable about becoming a "unit" of anything.

We agree, this is why the fact that the MC Project would remain a discreet, unique, entity is specifically mentioned.  What the MC Developers choose to call it: unit, division, department, platoon, whatever - you decide - you will not be absorbed into the Krusader Krew automatically.  Some of the MC Developers may wind up being asked to be members of the "Krew", but if they are it will be because they have "made the grade", just like all the current Krew members.  It's not easy.  It's not a right. But that is an entirely different issue and has no bearing on your status as a part of the MC Development [insert name here] - for now we'll just call it "Team".  The MC Development Team will be separate from the Krew, yet will have the benefit of the Krew's services, in the different units mentioned above.

>I don't think we need a new infrastructure for the development process,
>just some fine tuning of the existing would suffice.

Well Leonard, we just have an honest difference of opinion here.  Simply put, we are not interested in maintaining two sets of standards, two different "looks", two of everything when it comes to websites, documentation, etc.  The MC Development Team will have the benefit of the Krew's infrastructure, and that comes in one flavor - the best we can possibly produce.  If this is more than you are used to, sorry!  As I said above, we are proud of our standards in every area of our Project, and think if given a chance, you would be proud of them as well.

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